What is the game of poker about and what are the types of the game?

Poker is one of the most popular games in the whole world. Thanks to the popularity, the players invented many types of the game over the years and while the main goal is still winning – the way leading to the victory can differ. What is the game of poker about and what are the best known types of it?

What is poker?

Poker is a card game, which is played with a deck containing 52 cards. It contains a bit of gambling as well, as the players have to decide how many chips to bet, considering their own cards as well as the expressions on other player’s faces. This is where the term “poker face” comes from: the best, professional poker players in the world are trained not to show any sort of emotions over the course of the game. Thanks to that they are harder to read and other game attendants have to literally guess – or learn to read the smallest hints. The professional players spend a lot of time not only training their own tricks, but also learning to read others.

What are the types of poker?

There are many games of poker, but only three main types of it. It’s good to know the main types of poker, as it will allow to find the kind of game one liked the most and thus – choose a specific poker game from this type. Among the types of poker which were developed over the years, we can spot:

1. Draw Poker – in this type of poker, at the beginning of the game the player doesn’t have a full set of cards and they need to draw the cards in order to get a valuable set, which might allow to win the game;

2. Stud Poker – in this type of game, all the players receive a mix of cards given to him face-down as well as face-up. The cards are being dealt in multiple rounds and can be used in order to achieve a winnable set of cards;

3. Community Card Poker – in this type of game plaers can use the community cards, which can be reffered to as the shared cards as well. Those cards are being dealt to the middle of the table (the “board”) and they can be added to each player’s individual hand if some specific circumstances are met. Each type of poker, which is a community card poker, sets some rules, which describe when the cards can be added to an individual’s hand.

Each of the poker game falls under a specific type of the game. For example, the most popular poker game, Texas Hold’em is a community card poker, while Six-card stud is a stud poker.